A Happy Weight Loss

True …but it is damd hard.

True …but it is damd hard.

Y o u   c a n - just follow me

Y o u   c a n - just follow me

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tastes great and will give you power for the whole day :)

tastes great and will give you power for the whole day :)

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Weight loss with HYPNOSIS

Researchers from Tufts-New England Medical Center have determined in a study of four popular diets that the key COMPONENT to successful weight loss is not the diet itself, but actually STICKING TO THE DIET!…

In a long term one-year study comprised of 160 overweight adults, researchers split people into four diet groups:

  • Weight Watchers (low calorie)

  • The Zone Diet (low glycemic index)

  • The Ornish Diet (low fat)

  • The Atkins Diet (low carb) 

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Here’s what they discovered: all four diets delivered weight loss results when the participants in the study followed them.

But the problem is that less than one in four is able to stick to their given diet for a longer time ! 

It was noted that the hardest diet to follow was Atkins, followed by the Ornish Diet, but according to the authors of the study, “no single diet produced satisfactory adherence rates.”

So instead of looking for that “MAGIC DIET,” it makes a lot more sense to create a safe and healthy way to adhere to your diet.

As you continue reading, you will discover that hypnosis to aid weight loss is by far the safest, most researched, and effective way for you to stick to the eating plan you have chosen.

And when you stick to the plan you will have success. Sop the secret is the will to do it and not the diet plan.


How Many Times Have You Fallen Off a New Diet?

Most people will answer “EVERY TIME I’VE STARTED ONE!!”

Think about it: you probably would not be reading this if you were consistently following a healthy eating and exercise plan. You probably have access to plans you know would work. It might be a low calorie diet like Weight Watchers, a low glycemic index diet like the Zone or South Beach, a low fat plan like the Ornish Diet or a plan your health professional has given you.

You know if you just started the plan and added in regular exercise, you would shed the weight and your level of HEALTH AND WELL-BEING WOULD SKYROCKET — not to mention your pleasure in your new appearance!